About WebList

WebList is a List of webpages on neocities, it is like a phone book for web pages. I created WebList 1 day after my website https://jacob07.neocities.org

I may take up to 1 week to get your site up on the list but its not often that it will take that long.

I may update WebList daily and also update my main website, but dont expect daily updates all the time

WebList 2.0 is now out, WebList (the original) updates probably wont happen anymore.

If you want your neocities site put on the list just message me on neocities with the website name, description and url and i will put it in the website. You can also get your website put up by filling out this form. https://goo.gl/forms/bOXjrFYA01NK4exx1

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